Insane Raiders Game-Winning TD Happened Because ‘No One Could Find’ Missing Kicker (VIDEO)

The Raiders-Ravens Monday Night Football game had just about everything you could want in a game and it delivered even more in overtime.

With under 4 minutes to go, the Raiders decided to not screw up their chances again, and decided they would go for a game-winning field goal. There was only one problem, they took way too much time making that decision and it resulted in a delay of game penalty.

There was another problem that caused that as well.

“Our kicker was warming up in the net,” Gruden told reporters. “No one could find him.”

Gruden decided to pull the special teams unit back off the field to run an offensive play. That play turned out to be a floating touchdown pass from Derek Carr to Zay Jones for a wild 33-27 Raiders win.

“I didn’t know what happened,” Carr said of Carlson.

“I turned my back and I was just praying we made it. I turned around and it was a delay of game. I was like ‘OK, he can still make this.’ Then it’s ‘Get back out there!’ I hear in my headset, coach calling personnel, so I start running back out there.”