Peyton Manning Told Hilarious Story of NFL Refusing To Give Ref’s Address So He Could Apologize For Cursing At Him (VIDEO)

Peyton Manning said he once got so mad at referee that he cursed at him, but he eventually felt so bad about it, that he wanted to apoligize to him.

Manning shared the story during he and brother Eli’s inaugural “Monday Night Football” broadcast.

“I remember one time I just laid into a referee,” Manning said. “I knew the guy; he was a good guy. He called the worst holding call. I let him have it. I felt so bad I asked the NFL for his address after the game. I was going to write him an apology letter.

“They wouldn’t give me his address, as if I was going to go and like, egg his house or something. I was like, ‘I’m just going to write him an apology letter!’ Nobody writes the referees an apology letter.”

“Anyway, the guy thinks I’m a jerk to this day because I cussed him out for a holding call against the Dolphins in the second quarter.”

That ref may have never gotten that apology, but he was likely watching his broadcast on Monday Night Football and saw this story from Manning.