Meghan Gorman

I’m from Baltimore and graduated from the University of Maryland.  I grew up attending Orioles games at Memorial Stadium and Camden Yards. Despite my O’s seemingly never ending string of losing seasons, I still remember when they were perennial contender in the AL East and hope those days will come again soon. When the Ravens moved to town, I adopted them as my football team and haven’t regretted it.  The Maryland Terrapins are the are my college team of choice and I follow the basketball and football teams pretty closely.  Fear the Turtle.

I like all sports and hope to contribute interesting topics from across any league.  I hope you enjoy my writing and my contributions.  I’ll try not to let my biases interfere with good stories. If you want to read more of my stuff, I also write at Girls Don’t Know Sports.

You can contact me with questions, comments or tips at [email protected]