Trevor Bauer Cyber Bullies College Student On Twitter For Several Days; She Reports Him To The Indians (TWEETS)

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The last professional athlete we saw that had this much time on their hands to go back and forth with people on social media was Kevin Durant, and even he did not go this far.

Cleveland Indians pitcher Trevor Bauer is very active on social media, mainly Twitter, as he routinely engages in debates with fans.

A Texas State University finance major now regrets the day that she tweeted him, because her simple interaction led to non-stop trolling by Bauer.

Via USA Today Sports:

The interaction began Saturday night after Bauer responded to a tweet from Giles’ favorite player, Houston’s Alex Bregman: “Thanks for admitting I’m better than you.

Giles jokingly tweeted a response to Bauer writing, “My new least favorite person in all sports.”

Bauer appeared to play along  – writing “Welcome to the fan club 😘” – before things escalated. Giles and Bauer traded barbs, including Giles mentioning that Bauer doesn’t have a World Series ring. 

Bauer then ramped things up.

Giles continued:

“He went almost a year back into my Twitter to find a tweet about me drinking two months before my 21st birthday and exposed it to his followers,” Giles said. 

Bauer also alleged Giles, a senior in college, was the instigator.  

“He blamed me for ‘continuously tweeting him,’ ” Giles said. (That) makes zero sense because he had tagged me in over 40 tweets, which is over 10x as many tweets I mentioned him in.”

Giles blocked Bauer, for a while. 

“I eventually unblocked him when someone brought to my attention that he had tagged me in 30 more tweets in responses,” Giles said. “And when I said I felt harassed, he continued to tweet things like this claiming that I was responding to him because ‘I like him.’ ”

Bauer responded to another Twitter user who said Giles “likes” him by writing, “She conducts herself as someone who does but doesn’t know how to express it.”

“The most annoying part of it is that he has tweeted multiple times things along those lines,” Giles said.

A spokesperson for the Indians declined to comment when reached by USA TODAY Sports.

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