Erberth Santos Banned By BJJ Stars After Initiating Brawl In Crowd & Attacking Multiple People (VIDEO)

This is one of the biggest brawl involving a crowd since Khabib went crazy after his victory over Conor McGregor when he jumped the Octagon gate and tried to attack members of his entourage.

What was supposed to be an exciting main event to a star-studded card ended abruptly at BJJ Stars: Black Belt Edition.

The main event of the evening was between Felipe Pena and Erberth Santos, and while it started out like a normal fight, it would soon go off the rails about a minute into it when Santos appeared to injure his knee.

As Santos lay nursing his knee, he began yelling at somebody off camera, which prompted him to get up, bulldoze over a woman to try and attck somebody. He was separated from that fight, but then broke free and attacked somebody on the other side of the mat.

Santos was eventually escorted out of the main event area and Pena was awarded the BJJ Stars belt.

BJJ Stars promoter Fernando Lopes spoke with MMA Fighting on Sunday morning, announcing that Santos is now banned from ever competing for the promotion again.

“He was provoked by someone in the crowd, who was cheering for Felipe or against him,” Lopes said. “I’m a black belt for 21 years and an athlete has to be a black belt on and off the mat to deserve a black belt in my team. I wouldn’t give a blue belt to an irresponsible man who fights in the street.”

“The event was great, getting a lot of praise, and it’s a shame that one person’s attitude can tarnish the entire work of many people in the end,” he continued. “I know how hard my partners and I worked, I left many things aside to put my passion in first place, and that can’t tarnish all the work we’ve done.”

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