Lakers Fans Organizing Protest Outside Staples Center

(Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)

Lakers fans are fed up!

After acquiring LeBron James last offseason, the franchise still found a way to completely miss the playoffs, screw up team morale, and just recently, find a way to not secure Ty Lue as the next head coach.

That prompted a fan on Reddit to announce that he is organizing a protest outside Staples Center on either Friday or Saturday with the hope of garnering media coverage.

“Why? Jeannie hates bad PR. She don’t care about us, but cares what the media says,” the fan wrote. “Point is to spin the narrative to the Talking Heads ‘Is Jeannie the opposite of her Father?’ and have them talk.”

Here are some of the chants that fans will be yelling:

“Sell the team!”

“Fire Rambis!”

“Fire Linda!”

“Kevin McHale” (Ironic, I know)

“No Jason Kidd!”

“Shadow Owner!”