Draymond & DeMarcus Cousins Blasts “Classless, Trash’ Raptors Fans Who Cheered When Durant Got Hurt (VIDEOS)

It was not a good night Raptors fans on Monday night. The stigma around being so nice because they are Canadian went straight out the window after Kevin Durant went down with an injury.

As soon as fans realized he was down and possibly injured, cheers and waves of goodbye broke out around the arena before Raptors players urged them to stop.

That was too far and just too much. After the game, a couple of Warriors players had something to say about what they witnessed when KD got hurt and the initial reaction from fans.

Here’s Draymond calling the Raptors fans cheering when Durant went down “classless.”

Here’s DeMarcus Cousins referring to the fan base as “trash.”

“Trash. So trash. Like I said, we’re only idolized as superstar athletes. Not human beings.”

Warriors pushed through in Game 5 to force another game at Oracle Arena in an attempt to fight for one more game back in Toronto.