Wanda Durant Puts Son’s Critics On Blast With Passionate Message Following Injury (TWEET)

Kevin Durant did all he could to help the Golden State Warriors get back in their series against the Toronto Raptors, but his time back with the team would come to an unfortunate end after he went down with an injury.

The Golden State Warriors superstar suffered an apparent Achilles injury on Monday night, and his mother hopes that will be a lesson to those who have questioned Durant’s passion.

On Tuesday morning, Wanda Durant took to Twitter to put his haters and critics on blast in the wake of his unfortunate injury.

“For ALL of you who question my son as a Man, question his Heart, question his Integrity and question his LOVE for the game of basketball, you DON’T know him. He has a heart of a true Warrior! This too shall pass. God Bless you ALL,” Wanda wrote on Twitter.

The Warriors fear Durant may have suffered a torn Achilles tendon in Game 5 and could likely have him out for up to a year to recover.