Damian Lillard Drops New Diss Track ‘I Rest My Case’ Amid Shaq Feud (AUDIO)

(Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images)

Damian Lillard vs. Shaquille O’Neal rap beef is just gearing up.

On Friday night, Dame D.O.L.L.A unleashed another diss track called “I Rest My Case” where he spoke on several topics regarding the Big Diesel.

Ghost writers on deck, checker boards, no chess
Hailing from the land of the muscle cars, no flex
You not a rapper, you comedy, commentary, and actor
Feed ’em with a slingshot, you better call the pastor
David and Goliath, your stature’s a non-factor
… Raised real solid, I’m DOLLA but not for dollar sign
Only Dame you beat was 2000 and that was Stoudemire

Just in case you’re in the dark about what happened, Lillard got this thing started during an appearance on the Joe Budden Podcast when he was asked if Shaq was a better MC than him.

“I think I rap better than Shaq,” Lillard said during the sit-down. “I’ve heard Shaq’s stuff, I think people like him as ‘Shaq.’… People wasn’t looking at it like, ‘That’s a real rapper’ it was ‘Shaq rapping.'”

Shaq kicked off the diss

Lillard responded with a cut called “Reign, Reign, Go Away,” which was a reference to Shaq’s 1996 album, You Can’t Stop the Reign.