Indianapolis Area Kobe Bryant Mural Removed Over Picture Being ‘Ugly’ (PICS)

(Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

In the two weeks since the death of Kobe bryant, murals have popped up in different cities all over the country as well as the world.

Murals have been a popular choice among street artists, but there is one in the Indianapolis area that is drawing a lot of criticism. A gas station in Indianapolis featured a terrible attempt to honor Kobe, but it has since been painted over due to heavy backlash, according to Black Indy Live.

The identity of the artist is unknown, and that may be a good thing, since people started blasting the effort on social media.

“That Kobe mural in Indianapolis.. I really hope a child didn’t do it because … geez.. y’all went in,” one user wrote on Twitter after seeing the mural. The responses to this mural of Bryant ranged from disappointment to rage, especially among users on Facebook.

“Smh terrible- Face is terrible, armpit jungle is terrible and jersey wide AF smh,” another individual commented.

Local hip hop icon Antonio Maxie called out the people who wanted the sincere tribute removed:

“It’s always [people] that can’t do some s**t that’s critiquing others’ work!! STFU!! Y’all can’t even draw not along do graffiti. The Kobe wall definitely ain’t the coldest but damn at least they tried!! [People] will kill your spirit if you let [them]!! Hey, but this is social media ain’t it…”

It might not have looked like Kobe, but it was the mere thought that counted.