President Trump Rips “Dumb” NBA People, Picks Jordan Over LeBron During Scathing Interview (VIDEO)

President Donald Trump is already at war with the NFL over players getting ready to have widespread kneeling during the Anthem, but he has now added the NBA on his list of leagues that he has taken issue with for what he says is disrespectful to the country.

He threw major shots at NBA people who have criticized him by calling them “dumb” and “nasty.”

Trump appeared on Clay Travis’ Fox Sports radio show and was also asked to make his pick between Michael Jordan and LeBron James. Unsurprisingly, the president went with the former Chicago Bulls star.

“Michael Jordan, plus he wasn’t political so people like him better,” President Trump told Travis.

Trump noted that the NBA is in “big trouble, bigger trouble than they understand” for not standing for the national anthem.

Players like LeBron James and JJ Redick have recently noted no one in the league would miss Trump as a viewer after he threatened to tune out the restart due to the vast majority of players kneeling during the anthem.