Jake Paul Changes Profile Picture To Hitting Dillon Danis With Toilet Paper, Follows His GF On Instagram (PICS)

Jake Paul has somehow become the ultimate troll in this country. He not only trolls on social media, but also in the real world.

Paul is doing everything in his power to get the attention of Conor McGregor, which means even attacking his friends.

A social media video posted by Paul on Tuesday shows the YouTuber-turned-boxer pelting McGregor teammate and Bellator fighter Dillon Danis with water balloons, toilet paper, and other projectiles.

“Hey look, it’s Conor McGregor’s bitch right there,” yells Paul, who called out the former UFC champ after his second professional boxing fight, a viral knockout of Nate Robinson in the co-headliner of Tyson vs. Jones Jr. this past month. “Pssy. Fck you, btch! You’re a b*tch!”

If that wasn’t cold blooded enough, he would then change his profile picture to Danis getting hit with toilet paper, and then follow his girlfriend as well.

Dillon is currently undefeated with a 2-0 record, but his girlfriend is undefeated in the looks department.

Savannah Montano is a user of the social media TikTok and is smoking hot.

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If you haven’t notice, he also only follows Conor McGregor’s fiancée.

The Irish star is currently training for his rematch with UFC 257 and has yet to comment on the YouTube star’s outbursts.