REPORT: Kobe Was Unhappy With Nike, Planned To Leave & Start Shoe Company, Prototype Sneakers Revealed (PICS)

(Photo credit should read PHILIPPE LOPEZ/AFP via Getty Images)

As unbelievable as it was when we all got the news of Kobe Bryant’s passing, it’s even more unbelievable that we are just under a month of it being a year since it happened.

The Lakers great tragically passed away in a helicopter crash on January 26th, 2020. The 41-year-old had been signed to Nike for nearly two decades at the time, and his line of signature sneakers had been continued beyond his retirement from the game.

According to Iranian-American angel investor and venture capitalist Shervin Pishevar — Kobe was actually thinking of leaving Nike to start his own sneaker company.

Bryant had reportedly met with him to discuss terminating his relationship with Nike in late 2019 and starting a “shoe company owned by players,” supposedly called Mamba.

Pishevar also claims that Kobe did not trust Nike’s judgment in design.

Here is the prototype for those shoes: