Jake Paul Laughs Hysterically At Conor McGregor Getting Knocked Out (VIDEO)

A lot of people enjoyed watching Conor McGregor lose to Dustin Poirier on Sunday in his UFC 257 return to the octagon at Fight Island from Etihad Arena in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Nobody enjoyed it more than Jake Paul.

The 24-year-old went to his favorite platform to rip the “The Notorious” UFC fighter.

“Worst stream of all time, Dana White,” a laughing Paul said. “Worst stream ever. We want refunds. Conor McGregor got paid $5 million to get knocked out by a bum, and he got knocked out by the bum.

“Conor, dude, you got paid $5 million to fight a bum. You should have taken the Jake Paul fight for $50 million, but now I got $10,000 for you. I got 10,000 dollars cash, Cold-hard cash. … Or I’ll give you a third of a Bitcoin. You choose, you choose, Conor McGregor.”

On Wednesday in an interview with BT Sport, McGregor dismissed the idea of fighting Paul.

“That is what it is,” McGregor said. “We’ll see what happens, you know … He seems like a confused little kid to me, to be honest. Now, he’s willing to get in [the ring], so I don’t know what will happen. It’s not on the radar at the minute with the young lad.”

Jake’s older brother, Logan is scheduled to box Floyd Mayweather in an exhibition on Feb. 20.