REPORT: “Anywhere But Houston” Might Be Okay With Deshaun Watson Amid Trade Rumors

(Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images)

Would Deshaun Watson veto the use of his no-trade clause just to get out of Houston?

There are several teams who have the 25-year-old QB on their wish list this offseason as soon as reports stated that he was demanding to be traded.

On Wednesday, NFL Insider Ralph Vacchiano said his source told him that Watson might be so desperate to get out of Houston that he would accept a trade anywhere.

“Really, though, the top of his list might be, ‘Anywhere but Houston,'” the source said. “If he really wants out, why would he say, ‘No,’ to any trade?”

“The answer to that is that Watson, who has reportedly requested a trade, likely wouldn’t veto any deal.”

Despite what the media may be pushing, Jon Gruden is one of those people who do not believe the Texans have any interest in trading Watson.

Gruden, speaking with NBC’s “Sunday Night Football” commentator Cris Collinsworth and San Francisco 49ers cornerback Richard Sherman on their podcast thinks the franchise won’t grant Watson’s wish:

“I personally look at this like a fantasy world here,” Gruden said on the podcast. “They have a new [general manager in Nick Caserio] in Houston who comes from New England who just went through a year in New England without Tom Brady. I think he has a pretty good idea how important Deshaun Watson is to the Texans.

“I don’t think there is any way in the world they trade Deshaun Watson. And if they did, the compensation is going to be kind of like … they’d have to give up seven No. 1 [draft picks]. They’ll never draft again.”

Watson asked for a trade last month after he reportedly grew frustrated with owner Cal McNair lying about the process of hiring a new general manager and the team not reaching out to the head coaches that he had suggested after the firing of Bill O’Brien.