Chargers CB Chris Harris Boldly Says Deshaun Watson Scared To Play In AFC West Against Mahomes & Herbert (TWEETS)

Aside from the JJ Watt news — ESPN insider Jeremy Fowler dropped news that Deshaun Watson is “intrigued by” the Denver Broncos and San Francisco 49ers. Seeing Watson in the AFC West would be insane, but Chris Harris doesn’t think it’d be a smart move.

The Los Angeles Chargers cornerback took to Twitter and boldly claimed that Watson is not trying to compete with the likes of Justin Herbert and Patrick Mahomes multiple times a year.

“D Watson don’t wanna come to the AFC West lol. Come on to the jungle,” Harris tweeted on Friday afternoon.

“Just facts boy ain’t tryna compete with Herbert and Mahomes lol better stay AFC south”

You can make an argument for which division is harder between the AFC South and AFC West, but having Watson on Denver would put him in a much better position than he is with the Texans. The team already bolsters Noah Fant, Jerry Jeudy, Melvin Gordon, Phillip Lindsay, KJ Hamler and Courtland Sutton.

The Broncos would have to put out a major haul of picks and players, however, to even get the Texans attention on a trade.