JJ Watt Gets Blessing From Marshall Goldberg’s Daughter To Un-Retire No. 99 So He Can Wear It

(Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images)

On Monday, JJ Watt made his free agent decision when he chose the Arizona Cardinals, which meant he would also have to rock a new number for the first time in his professional career.

The number he wore in college and with the Houston Texans isn’t available in Arizona because Marshall Goldberg wore it and it’s retired. Goldberg played eight seasons for the then-Chicago Cardinals from 1939 to 1948.

Goldberg passed away in 2006, so it seemed unlikely Watt could get his chance to wear the number….or so we thought.

Fortunately for Watt — Goldberg’s daughter is now giving him her blessing to rock the No. 99.

“I know Dad was really honored when they retired his number, but also he has always respected other players, and if J.J. Watt had the No. 99 with him for a long time and it meant something to him, I think he’d be delighted to let him use the number and unretire or whatever the proper word would be,” said Goldberg’s daughter, Ellen Goldberg Tullos, in an interview with TMZ Sports. “He would be fine with that. It’s the type of guy he was. I think he would be happy to let him use his number, and honored with that as well.”

“He has my blessings and I’m sure my father would be more than delighted for him to carry it on.”

Watt nor the Cardinals have announced what his number will be as of yet.