Social Media Goes Crazy Over Gardner Minshew’s Newest Hairdo (PICS + TWEETS)

(Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images)

Minshew mania feels like it just happened, but those are long gone now that Trevor Lawrence is getting set to be drafted by the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Teams might be calling the Jacksonville Jaguars trying to pry away quarterback Gardner Minshew, but for now, he remains a member of the team.

On Saturday, Minshew went viral when he posted pictures of his new hairdo.

Here’s how social media responded:

New head coach Urban Meyer said the club had no interest in trading Minshew away.

“At this point, no,” Meyer responded. “At this point, I know Gardner a little bit. He came in yesterday. We had a good visit. That’s the second time I’ve spent time with him. This is all kind of new to me. I’m used to spending about five, six hours a day with our quarterbacks — that’s January, February, to get your quarterback ready to go, and you can’t do that in the NFL.

“But there is a lot of anticipation about the first pick, and I understand there is a lot of conversation out there. But there has been no decisions made. Gardner has done some very good things here in Jacksonville. And he’s a competitive maniac, which I really appreciate that about him. So there have been no decisions made. Yesterday was the first lengthy meeting we’ve had, and we’re going to continue that here for the next few weeks.”

The 24-year-old certainly has value as a backup with upside who could compete for reps.