NFL Insider Points Out Unique Trade Idea Where Aaron Rodgers & The Packers Both Walk Away Winners

(Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images)

Peter King has a solution for for the Green Bay Packers and Aaron Rodgers that will seemingly work out for the both of them.

Right now, it feels unlikely that Aaron Rodgers will show up for the start of minicamp. The franchise is at a point where they must do something.

Peter King threw out an idea in his weekly FMIA column that makes quite a bit of sense for both sides.

The idea: The Packers commit to trade Rodgers, pacifying the angry quarterback—but the deal would not happen till next spring. Rodgers, in turn, agrees to give the Packers one more season in exchange for being allowed to transition to a new team before the 2022 draft.

Packers president Mark Murphy, who’s got to be Henry Kissinger here (look it up, kids), must be searching for an exit strategy. If I were in Murphy’s chair, I’d undertake another secret mission to meet with Rodgers and agent David Dunn, just the three of them, and propose one more year of Green Bay employment with the knowledge that Rodgers and Dunn could give the Pack a list of teams the QB would be willing to play for in 2022.

“Peter you assume Jordan Love can play QB in the NFL. Your compromise only makes sense if Love can actually project to be a serviceable to above average QB. Otherwise, why trade a future HOF QB that is coming off a MVP season?” one fan wrote.

“Isn’t this what Green Bay has wanted all along? To move on from him after 2021? Don’t see Rodgers going for it,” another fan added.

“Seems to me the Packers have the leverage. They are refusing to trade Rodgers; I don’t think Rodgers will lose a year to prove a point. He can’t make up that lost year and a possible decrease in effectiveness. He would be spiting himself,” one fan wrote.

Tuesday marks the start of Packers minicamp. If Rodgers isn’t there, the team is within their contractual rights to fine him $93,085.