Colin Cowherd Weirdly Writes Press Release For Green Bay Packers & Aaron Rodgers Amid Trade Rumors (VIDEO)

Colin Cowherd has done and said a lot of things in his career, but this one takes the cake.

The Green Bay Packers and Aaron Rodgers have yet to settle their differences as the 2021 season draws near. No one s truly for sure if Aaron Rodgers will even show up as reports have him demanding a trade and even threatening retirement to get his way.

Packers president Mark Murphy said the situation has divided the fanbase and made things worse he said the reigning MVP was a “complicated fella.”

Colin Cowherd decided to add his two cents to the conversation when he told the audience on Monday’s edition of The Herd that he woke up around 3 a.m. PT and could not fall back to sleep. It ended with him drafting a press release for both Rodgers and the Packers, explaining what happened after the two sides come to a resolution.

The Packers:

“We’ve done a poor job of communicating with Aaron,” the Packers say in Cowherd’s statement. “He’s the face of our franchise and the MVP of the league and deserves a certain level of transparency and respect we have failed him in that regard. We’ve had some earnest conversations over the last couple of weeks and could not be excited for our future together.”


“The media made this a bigger deal than it was,” Rodgers says in Cowherd’s statement. “I went to Hawai’i and enjoyed my offseason, like all NFL players do. I know the Packers are committed to winning and so am I. Over the last month we sat down and ironed out our small differences. In looking forward to getting back out on the field with my teammates, making another deep playoff run, and bringing another Super Bowl to Green Bay.”

The Green Bay Packers have remained adamant that they will not trade Rodgers. Only time will tell.