Michael Rapaport Loved Seeing Kevin Durant Air-Ball Final Shot In Game 7: ‘Stuff It Right Up Your A–‘ (VIDEO)

Earlier this year, actor Michael Rapaport posted screenshots of a conversation between himself and Kevin Durant, in which the Brooklyn Nets star using horrific language towards him.

Durant confirmed everything when he reacted to it on Twitter.

As expected, his elimination from the playoffs has caused great happiness to the actor and comedian. Soon after Kevin Durant air-balled a shot in OT, Rapaport took to social media to blast Durant.

Durant went off for 48 points on 17-of-36 shooting (4-of-11 from three, 10-of-11 from the free-throw), adding nine rebounds and six assists in 53 minutes.

Durant’s last-second shot to send the game to overtime could’ve sent his team to the Eastern Conference Finals, but his shoe was on the line.