Derek Carr Says He Was Informed He Wasn’t The “MotherF–ker” Tom Brady Was Mocking On HBO (VIDEO)

(Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Derek Carr just wants to set the record straight.

The Raiders quarterback says he’s not the “motherf–ker” Tom Brady was referring to in comments he made on HBO’s “The Shop.”

“From what I know, it wasn’t me, which is good,” Carr said on “Brother from Another” on Wednesday.

“If it was, I’ve gotten in enough trouble trying to challenge people to fights. But, as a man, Tom, I know you got the rings, but if it’s not me then we’re good. What I heard, it wasn’t me, and so I’m good with that.”

Carr would not name names, but he said he received the info from “a good source.” Those comments from Brady came in a late June episode of “The Shop,” when he revealed a a mystery team passed on him to keep their quarterback when he decided to leave New England after 20 years.

“One of the teams, they weren’t interested at the very end. I was thinking, ‘You’re sticking with that motherf–ker?’” Brady recalled, laughing.

Among the man speculated players and teams were Jimmy Garoppolo (49ers), Ryan Tannehill (Titans), Mitch Trubisky (Bears) and retired Saints quarterback Drew Brees.

Sucks for the team that passed on him after he took the Bucs to the Super Bowl and won.