Fans Lash Out After Finding Out LeBron James is Doing A ‘House Party’ Remake (TWEETS)

LeBron James is taking his talents from remaking ‘Space Jam’ to remaking yet another classic movies from the 90’s: ‘House Party.’

In an interview with TMZ over video call, Power star Rotimi assured fans that LeBron’s upcoming remake will be just fine.

“We have a similar storyline a bit, but it’s just new age. It’s a fresh spin on it for sure,” The reboot’s co-star told the outlet. “We’re not playing the same Kid and Play but it’s like a new-age version of them but not them, if that makes sense. It’s not their sons or anything like that.”

Rotimi offered his assurances that the remake was no doubt going to be “special.” “I think the production has been great,” he said. “It’s filled with a lot of hungry, young, new, rising star actors so everybody is trying to prove themselves, and we challenged each other on this, man.”

When it was announced that LeBron’s production company SpringHill was handling a House Party remake, many fans took to Twitter to voice their displeasure.

Rotimi told TMZ that him and his co-star Jacob Latimore knew exactly how high the stakes were. “We knew that creating a generational movie like that and touching that legacy…we have to bring our A-Game. So, we didn’t take it lightly and it’s just super funny. We were able to ad-lib a lot and our director [Charles Kidd II] was really amazing at that. We just had fun and we made it today’s humor and it’s gonna be very, very special.”