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  • Kobe Bryant Jumps Over A Car?

    Kobe Bryant Jumps Over A Car?

    Total Pro Sports – DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!!!!  If you have yet to see this video/commercial, this is just crazy, Kobe Bryant “I Got This” of the Los Angeles Lakers, jumps over an Aston Martin in a parking lot.  What looks to be his sidekick “Ronnie Turiaf” former member of the Los Angeles Lakers […]

  • Shaq spits fire

    Shaq spits fire

    In response to a recent posting on this site, I want to give my opinion on Shaqs rap about Kobe Bryant. In true Hip Hop fashion the Big Diesel ripped into the reigning league MVP in a humorous and entertaining fashion. I loved every second of Shaqs rap; I hope he records it one day. […]

  • You’re not Jordan! NBA Finals Game 6

    You’re not Jordan! NBA Finals Game 6

    Sitting in the TD Banknorth Garden last night with two of my friends, I realized that I had just witnessed a game most people could only dream about seeing. It didn’t matter to us that we paid $1,300 a ticket, $450 for a plane ride and $385 for a hotel room, for me, it was […]

  • Down 3 to 1 the Lakers are Done!

    Down 3 to 1 the Lakers are Done!

    The biggest comeback in NBA playoff history happened tonight at the Staples Center in L.A., and I’m glad to say that the Celtics were on the winning end of it.  It seemed that the Lakers didn’t bother showing up for the third quarter and Boston took full advantage and eventually won the game even though […]

  • Celtics will take control

    Tonight is game 4 of the NBA finals and it is make or break time for Lakers. If the Celtics win tonight, the series is done as they would have a choke hold on the Lakers, However, if the Lakers win it is a brand new series. I have a strong feeling that the Celtics […]

  • The Big Three vs. Kobe

    The Big Three vs. Kobe

    The NBA finals is upon us, and in a match up sure to give commissioner David Stern a boner it is the Lakers vs. Celtics. In a rematch of old rivals instead of Bird vs. Magic this series sees the big ticket go against the big baby, and I’m not talking about Glen Davis. I’m […]