Kevin Durant & Shannon Sharpe Engage In Twitter Beef Over Fake Quote; Sharpe Blocks Him On Twitter (TWEETS)

It does not look like Shannon Sharpe wants to apologize for believing a fake quote and taking it to his show.

On Monday’s edition of Undisputed, Sharpe talked about a fake quote that came from the Brooklyn Nets star where it said since he beat LeBron James in the NBA Finals, and the Lakers star is considered the GOAT, then what does that make him.

After the video clip was brought to KD’s attention, he called out Sharpe.

“Y’all drunk uncle out here lying again. When did I say this [Shannon Sharpe] ???????????????????????????,” Durant tweeted.

Instead of apologizing, Sharpe took to Twitter and called out Durant for an old tweet of his talking about everybody wanting to play for the Lakers or Heat.

“Y’all remember the fake account when KD said: now everybody wanna play for the heat and Lakers? Let’s go back to being competitive and going at these peoples. Then joins 73-9 warriors and builds Nets into a superpower with Kyrie and Harden. OMG”

Durant would fire right back:

“Ole Shannon refuses to respond to me. Yo Shannon why are u using your platform to push fake quotes about me???”

“Shannon went on tv responding to this quote like I actually said this. Gullible fans will believe it, or say “you was thinking this anyway” it’s comedy at this point”

“KD, IF* you wanna talk to me. I’m not hard to find, but I’m not going bck and forth on social media. Whatever our differences are. They can be handled out of the eye of social media.”

“We can talk in front of everybody, it ain’t that serious Shannon, u go on tv in front of everybody pushing fake shit but now u wanna talk in private??? Why u lying on tv Shannon???”

In the end, Sharpe blocked him.